Welcome to Chappell Cards. We specialze in buying and selling pre-1976 sport cards.

We have been collectors since 1967 and a fulltime business since 1996.

Chappell Cards carry a diverse inventory of graded and ungraded cards in high, middle and low grades. We carry pre-1942 cards, as well as 1948 - 1975 Topps, Bowman, as well as oddball issues, inserts, etc. We carry higher dollar cards, as well as commons.

We setup at many large sport card shows in the eastern part of the US. Please check our Show Schedule to see what shows we are going to be setup at.

We are also active buyers of pre-1976 cards in all grades, graded or ungraded. Please email if you have anything to sell.

Check our Gallery for scans of cards we have previously owned.

I am a collector of pre-1970 original TV broadcast of baseball games. If you have any games to sell or trade, please contact us.

Please note I already have all of the commonly traded full and partial game broadcasts available from Rare Sports Films, iOffer.com, MLB, etc.

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